August 2013: Responsibility

Character Education winners: August 2013: Responsibility.


Mrs. Sallie Pierce , guidance counselor, is no stranger to Responsibility. In addition to her regular duties as guidance counselor, she also wears many other hats. Mrs. Pierce serves on several committees/teams at Southern Elementary. Some of those include the Leadership Team which meets every Monday morning, Response to Intervention team which meets monthly, Character Ed team which also meets monthly, and Program Reviews which meets as needed. Southern Elementary is a PBIS school and Mrs. Pierce is a co-coach of the PBIS committee which meets monthly. Not only does she facilitate the PBIS meetings but she also has a hand in facilitating monthly POW WOWS.

When a student needs a 504 plan, Mrs. Pierce is the person to see. She is responsible for the development and monitoring of 504 plans within the school. Another responsibility of Mrs. Pierce is chairing ARC meetings. She is a very active ARC member and helps make important decisions for special education students. Everybody knows that spring time is a very busy time for Mrs. Pierce as she is the sole person responsible for K-PREP testing.

She is required to do Confidentiality training, get the test materials, monitor the testing procedures, gather the test materials, and ensure that they get returned safely. Mrs. Pierce takes this responsibility very seriously and always does a great job. When you see Mrs. Pierce in the hallway, she is always on a mission. Even as busy as she is with duties, she still manages to find time to counsel with individual students and groups.

She puts heart and great effort into doing what is best for Southern Elementary students and the school is blessed to call her guidance counselor.


Jasmine Lewis is a 5 th grader who is a great example of someone who exhibits the trait of being responsible every single day. Jasmine comes to class with her planner signed, work completed, and ready to start every day with a smile.

She is someone I can always depend on to run errands for me and do it promptly and correctly.

If she sees paper or pencils on the floor, she reaches down and picks them up without ever being asked. At the end of each day, while waiting for buses, she puts up chairs, straightens books, and fixes anything else she sees out of place. I never have to ask her to do anything. She takes it upon herself to be helpful. She is a wonderful example of someone who is continually responsible every single day.


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