April 2015: Perseverance

      jill   Adult of the month: Jill Hansford.

I would like to nominate Mrs. Jill Hansford as the adult of the month for Perseverance. Jill has been diagnosed with cancer for the third time. She has kept working as much as possible with a smile on her face.

Her parents have had health issues, as well and she has been there for them, for her family and her job. Her faith in God sees her through each time. To me Jill would be a great candidate for Perseverance.

Willow  Student of the month: Willow Huff

It is with great pride that I recommend Willoh Huff for the Character word of Perseverance.

Recently, Willow was selected to be considered as a potential candidate into the Gifted and Talented program – based on her visual arts portfolio. The portfolio was to consist of 6 at pieces that the student had to complete at home by themselves.
Due to circumstances during the time period of completing the portfolio, Willoh was unable to get the necessary things she needed to complete her portfolio pieces according to the guidelines given. So, Willow created pieces of art that weren’t necessarily her ”best”! However, she didn’t give up on the assignment and used the resources that she had. She turned her 6 portfolio pieces in and anxiously awaited the day of scoring.

This past Thursday, Willoh’s portfolio was scored by a district representative. As the representative told me that Willoh didn’t make it, my heart was immediately broken for her. After Willoh was informed of her un-acceptance in the program, she was very upset. Then she found out what she could do differently next year and that she would have another chance to get accepted into the program that she really wanted to be a part of.
She isn’t willing to give up that easy and knows that she has a chance to persevere and conquer the task of completing a better portfolio next year.

I shared this quote with Willow a few days later when I talked to her….” If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces, never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again” ~Flavia Weedn.

Grade representatives:

    Landon             Dakota
 Kindergarten – Landon Alford       First grade – Cody Hardwick

    Aaron            Noah C.

Second grade: Aaron Turner           Third grade: Noah Colyer

   Aaron B.             Vanessa

Fourth grade: Aaron Baker   Fifth grade: Vanessa Enriquez-Cortez.

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