March 2016: Initiative

The Character Education team had a very difficult time choosing an adult representative for the word Initiative. So after some deliberation, we decided that all three adults were very deserving to be a representative.

Rita   Adult of the month: Rita Cochran

I would like to nominate Mrs. Rita Cochran for the word initiative. Ms. Rita has a tremendous talent in quilt making. She has made some of the most beautiful quilts for people here at work that also have a sentimental value. Her talent provides a special memory for many of us because she uses clothes that belonged to someone we loved who has passed on. I can't explain to you how precious it is to have a blanket made of your loved one's things that you can keep forever and pass down to your own children. It provides a new sense of peace and comfort. Mrs. Rita offered to make 4 quilts for me this year for Christmas gifts using my dad's shirts. She did this out of the goodness of her heart, and spent many long hours perfecting these beautiful quilts never asking for anything in return. I will never be able to thank Mrs. Rita enough for the beautiful gifts she gave my family and I. Those quilts are a lifetime of stories that will give us comfort during the hard times, and also provide a smile reminding us of a special memory with my dad.

  Stephannie   Adult of the month: Stephannie Frye:

With great pleasure I nominate Stephannie Frye for the character word initiative.  Stephannie goes above and beyond in my classroom when it comes to getting things done without being asked or told.  In the special class setting it is always an adventure and we expect the unexpected on a daily basis due to the diversity in our classroom and the numerous different disabilities we deal with. Even on the days of chaos, sudden schedule changes, sick kids, behavior outburst and just your everyday problems we face in our class she always just takes over where needed and I never have to worry.  This year I have had to take off more days then I have in past years due to my husband having heart surgery.  Due to Stephannie always being so dependable and being so good at solving problems and just getting done what needs to be done I have been able to be there for my husband and not worry about how things are going in my classroom.  As a teacher to students with special needs this is an amazing feeling.   I have had the pleasure of working with Stephannie for 3 years at another school and then was blessed to bring her with me to Southern Elementary.  I couldn't do my job without the wonderful para-educators I have but without a doubt I would not have been able to do so well with my transfer to Southern Elementary without Mrs. Stephannie.  She jumped right in on day one and started getting our centers together, helping show other para-educators in my room how my routine is and how paperwork is done.  She came in before school even opened voluntarily to help me set up the new classroom. Due to the few examples I have written and the hundreds I have not written about I feel Stephannie deserves to be awarded this honor.                                      

Kelly    Adult of the month: Kelly Haynes

I would like to nominate Kelly Haynes for adult of the month for initiative. Kelly is always looking for ways to help others and does not do it for recognition or praise. Last year, she noticed the lettering on the front desk that parents and visitors see as they first enter our school were looking very faded and worn. She made a new “welcome” sign from vinyl and placed it on the front desk. She is always looking for ways to help out Kindergarten team come up with new and inventive ideas for ways to help our little ones. She will often purchase materials to make games and make them for each teacher to use in the classroom. She also finds ways to give simple “gifts” as a little pick me up. Most recently she and her family picked daffodils from a field near her house, put them in vases and delivered them to each Kindergarten classroom. Also, on a personal note- last year when my family moved near the end of the school year, Kelly volunteered and insisted that she and her boys would help us move. She showed up on a Saturday morning early and she and her boys worked all day to help us move! For these and many reasons, I would like to nominate Kelly as adult of the month for initiative.

Hunter   Student of the month: Hunter Beaumont

I want to nominate Hunter Beaumont as the student of the month because since the beginning of the year, he has always straightened up my room at the end of the day, not once being asked. If the head phones are off the computer, he places them on top of the monitor. If desks are out of line, he will straighten them up.

If there are papers or pencils on the floor, he will put them where they belong. Not only does this occurs with organization, but also helping others and myself. If I drop something on the floor, he will pick it up. If another student needs help, he will do his best to meet that student’s needs. All of this has never been asked of him.


  Tucker       Bailey
          Kindergarten: Tucker Haynes                    First grade: Bailey Jones

  Chelsy       Bryanna
Second grade: Chelsy Luna                       Third grade: Bryanna Ellis

  Lacey       Kyra

         Fourth grade: Lacey Kidd                          Fifth grade: Kyra Poynter

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