Character Education


Southern Elementary participates in the Character Education Program .

Every month teachers and staff nominate students and adults from our school, whom they feel represents the Character word of that month.
The Character team, consisting of staff that represent all grades and various positions within the school, meets monthly and they choose a student from each grade level as the grade representative, an overall student winner and adult winner.
Students and adults are recognized at the Awards Ceremony celebrations that are scheduled several times during the school year. 
All winning students will receive a certificate. The overall student winner will also receive a bumper sticker.

Pictures of the Grade Representatives, Overall Student winner and Adult winner are posted on the character education bulletin board in the school’s reception area.

Words of the Month

August - Responsibility: To be able to carry out a duty and be trustworthy.
September - Loyalty: Faithful, especially to one's friends, family team, or country; true to a promise or duty.
October - Courage:
Meeting a challenge without giving in to fear.
November - Respect:
To show proper deference and consideration to other people; to have a high opinion of; to be polite and kind.
December - Compassion:
Understanding the needs and feelings of others; caring about other people.
January - Optimism:
Assured, certain, positive, happy in manner. Looking on the bright side and reaching for your goals.
February - Honesty:
Truthful, fair and trustworthy.
March - Initiative
: Solving problems and getting things done without being told.
April - Perseverance:
Working steadily and enduring hardships to achieve a goal without giving up.
May - Trustworthy
: counted on, relied upon; to be worthy of trust.
June - Contemplation
: The habit of carefully weighing the facts before making an important decision.
July - Adaptability
: Being able to work with others to reach a goal, even if it requires change.

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