January 2016: Optimism

Caleb  Student of the month: Caleb Perrin

Caleb ALWAYS has a smile on his face. I am honest when I say that I'm not sure that I have ever seen him without one! This kid comes into school smiling, and leaves smiling. His optimistic attitude is contagious. I feel that others are in a good mood, as well as myself, after spending just a few moments in his presence. Caleb is not only a positive person himself. He also helps others to see positive aspects of life. He is encouraging to his peers, and will often say things to them to lift them up.
Caleb helps with flag duty in the mornings. He looks forward to this time.... no smile could be more genuine!
Caleb is also very active in karate and an aspect that he is learning through karate is having good character. Karate is definitely doing much more for Caleb than just teaching him how to defend himself.
Caleb has been a great influence on some of the other boys in 5th grade. They notice his attitude and will often make comments about his positivity! Caleb would be a phenomenal representative of optimism at Southern Elementary.

Adults of the month: Mrs. Kylee Tarter and Mrs. Susan Hoseclaw

Kylee   Mrs. Kylee Tarte
r is someone we think when we hear the word optimistic. We have never seen her without a smile on her face. She always has a happy demeanor and is someone you love to be around and encounter in the hallway. She is encouraging to students in a kind, loving and positive manner. She makes learning fun and students want to stay in her classroom forever.

Kylee helps her team with many issues that arrive without complaint. She encourages her team members, brings up new ideas to help students grow/ learn, and is always in a cheerful mood which brings optimism to those around her. She is a positive role model for her co-workers as well as her students and doesn't get discouraged easily.

Susan  Mrs. Susan Hoseclaw deserves the character award of optimism. During MAP testing and other times when the computer lab is closed, we usually take our students to the "empty" special due to Science lab. There have been several times this year this has happened and luckily the empty special for me has been library. There are some special teachers who grumbled and even turned us away. During these times Mrs. Hoseclaw is always happy to take my students.
Any time I have called or emailed her to see if she would take them (for whatever reason) she has always happily taken them, always having a positive attitude.
Not to mention the numerous times she has to come fix my technology - it is always with a smile on her face and she is always eager to help me solve the issue in a timely manner. She shows all aspects of optimism, so I feel she deserves this award.

Grade Representatives:

  Nathan         Madison
        Kindergarten: Nathan Hines                     First grade: Madison Roberts

  Lesley         Ava
      Second grade: Lesley Meece                           Third grade: Ava Jones

‚Äč  Jayce        Mackenzie

        Fourth grade: Jayce Gager                     Fifth grade: Mackenzie Barnett

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