December 2014: Compassion

Character Education winners for December 2014: Compassion


Adult of the month: Debbie Eads .
I would like to nominate Debbie Eads for compassion.
Debbie shows compassion to everyone. From wiping tears off a student’s face, to helping her co-workers, to talking care of her mom. Even though she has her own health issues she looks out for others.
Her best friend’s dad just passed who was like a second dad to her and she was asked to sing at the funeral. Even though she broke down, she still did her best. She does what she can to help others, Debbie is also compassionate about her love for God, her family and friends and her church.


Adult of the month; Jr. Hill .
Jr. has been the custodian for many years here at Southern elementary and at times you’d think that he is a person that doesn’t know what compassion is; just a little rough and tough around the edges. He has proven many times that he does know what it is, he just doesn’t want people to know it.
Jr. goes above and beyond when it comes to taking care of others. One of our co-workers is having health issues and Jr. is very concerned about her wellbeing.  Many times he is the one that will help out others and the fact that he cleans up after everyone after spills, getting sick or cleaning the bathrooms with clogging issues etc., even though it is part of his job, he has to have compassion to do so.
The fact that Jr. is always there for others, we’ve seen with him helping out co-workers and students by going the extra “mile”. Jr. may look tough on the outside but he’s softhearted on the inside and has a heart of gold.


Student of the month: Dalton Albertson .
I would like to nominate Dalton Albertson as student of the month for the character word compassion.
Dalton consistently demonstrates compassion for others on a daily basis in our classroom. However, one day stands out in my mind when I think of Dalton. It was early in the year and the students were working to learn the letter Mm. one of the independent activities the student were to complete was to glue macaroni pieces on the letter Mm.
One of the other students in our classroom was having a particularly difficult time with this. Dalton saw that she was having such a hard time in knowing how to complete this task and even though his own work was not finished, he immediately went to help her.
I was teaching my small group and glanced up to see what the others were doing. I saw Dalton kneeling down on one knee, patiently putting one drop of glue at a time unto the Mm. He would then tell the other student one drop of glue at a time on the drop of glue. He continued doing this until her Macaroni Mm was complete. It was after he helped her, that he went back and then finished his own work. He put the needs of someone else before his own. Therefore, I would very much like for you to consider Dalton Albertson as the student of the month for compassion. He definitely understood that other student’s needs and cared for her in helping her complete her work.

Grade Representatives:

           Kindergarten Rep:                First grade Rep:
          Lola Brummett                  
Jayden Taylor

                             Second grade Rep:
                  Mrs. McIntosh homeroom students.

      Third grade Rep:           Fourth grade Rep:         Fifth grade Rep:
         Cohl Pierce                 Colin Baker                Taylor Lowe

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