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Assessment Information


Your child will take various assessments throughout the school year. Each of these assessments provides teachers with different aspects of data on your child in the areas of reading and math. This information is invaluable to teachers as these results are used to guide instruction and help meet your child's individual needs. Listed below is an explanation of each assessment and how to better understand the results. 

The AIMSWeb Fluency assessment is a timed reading test that is administered three times a year. The students are given 2 different reading passages and one minute per passage. The results are then given by how many words were read correctly in that one minute. For each benchmark, there is a goal that your child should be able to achieve. This goal will rise each time it is administered. It is important that each child practice reading at least 15 minutes every night in order to improve their reading fluency. 

The AIMSWeb Math assessment is a series of benchmark subtests that look at number fluency, math facts fluency, concepts & applications, and number comparison fluency. This is administered three times a year with some tests being timed and concepts and applications being skill driven to demonstrate problem-solving and real-world skills. For each benchmark, there is a goal that your child should be able to achieve. This goal will rise each time it is administered.

iReady Reading and Math are used daily in our classrooms for your child to practice their reading and math skills. These programs will either move your child up to a higher level or down to a lower level, depending on the success that is shown. This is wonderful practice for each student. 

The iReady Standards Mastery assessments are given every few months to test mastery on standards taught in our classrooms in grades 2-5 only. These assessment results are used to help guide instruction and meet your child's individual needs. 

Finally, the iReady Diagnostic assessment is also administered three times throughout the school year (Fall, Winter, and Spring). It is an adaptive diagnostic assessment that will help your child's teacher determine student needs, personalize learning, and monitor progress throughout the school year. All grade levels are tested in Reading and Math to evaluate where your child falls according to grade level standards. The scores range from two or more grade levels below (red), one grade level below (yellow), and on grade level (green). The results from these diagnostic assessments will also be used to place your child on their path for their lessons in iReady.